Roadmap to Your Chakras

9-session Course Meditation & Mindfulness
Roadmap to Your Chakras

About this course

Think of your chakras like dynamic wheels of energy simultaneously spinning along the length of your spine: When the flow of energy that powers them is aligned, the mind, body, and spirit can operate in harmony. Treat your body to some love and kindness by taking this course from spiritual coach and energy healer Ellaeenah Niloufer to learn to master better health, and more peace and happiness. 

About the teacher

Ellaeenah Niloufer

Ellaeenah Niloufer

Ellaeenah Niloufer draws from over three decades of experience as a high school teacher, along with 20 years of experience as a spiritual mentor, counsellor, meditation teacher, and health facilitator to primarily help teenagers navigate challenging times.
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9 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Meet Your Chakras
    1. Meet Your Chakras
    Learn how this energy system will empower you to take charge of your own wellbeing.
    17 mins
  3. Root Chakra: Embodying Balance
    2. Root Chakra: Embodying Balance
    Keep your root chakra strong to feel safe, worthy, and firmly rooted to the earth.
    15 mins
  4. Sacral Chakra: I Love Me
    3. Sacral Chakra: I Love Me
    The sacral chakra is the energy wheel of our inner child where creativity, fun, pleasure, laughter, and delight reside. When out of balance, we may feel dramatic, victimized, persecuted, or run into creative blocks.
    14 mins
  5. Solar Plexus Chakra: My Superpower
    4. Solar Plexus Chakra: My Superpower
    Learn the magic of the solar plexus chakra — the seat of your personal power that helps with assertiveness and self-possession.
    23 mins
  6. Heart Chakra: Love Is a Force
    5. Heart Chakra: Love Is a Force
    Balance your heart chakra to improve relationships, happiness, and harmony.
    19 mins
  7. Throat Chakra: The Power of Speech
    6. Throat Chakra: The Power of Speech
    Express yourself openly and with ease, with a little help from your throat chakra.
    18 mins
  8. Third-Eye Chakra: The Light of Cosmic Wisdom
    7. Third-Eye Chakra: The Light of Cosmic Wisdom
    Sharpen your vision and intuition to receive all the cosmic wisdom by opening your third-eye chakra.
    17 mins
  9. Crown Chakra: Universal Oneness
    8. Crown Chakra: Universal Oneness
    The crown chakra connects us to higher levels of cosmic consciousness.
    13 mins
  10. Harmonizing the Chakra System
    9. Harmonizing the Chakra System
    Now that each chakra is in balance, learn to maintain the entire energetic system.
    16 mins