What should I know about dying in hospice?

What should I know about dying in hospice?
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  • Anonymous User
    July 14th, 2020

    The number one thing is that it's a quality of life issue. When you think about people being in the hospital, not even during COVID times, but certainly now, it's not a quiet, supportive place. There are machines working and beeping and people are waking you up constantly to check your vitals. 

    The quality of life issue is at the heart of hospice. To be in a place, whether that's the sunny window in the front of your house or wherever you're most comfortable, or in a facility, you get to have choice in some of your physical surroundings, the people who are with you, the sounds that are around you, the things that bring you joy. 

    One of the things for our foundation, Casa de la Luz Foundation, is that our vision is to transform the end of life into the final act of living well. That's what I think Hospice is all about. It's living out the rest of your days in the best way possible, according to you.