Is dementia a public health crisis?

Is dementia a public health crisis?
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  • Anonymous User
    July 14th, 2020

    It's a huge public health crisis. We know statistically, just by sheer numbers, that there are not going to be enough caregivers for the number of people who are going to get Alzheimer's. 

    75% of people want to die at home but for a lot of people with Alzheimer's it gets to be too much for a family to handle. So, can we get enough funding for our community-based services? There are GREAT community-based services out there that are so underfunded. I tell everyone if you don't know who to support, please at least support Meals on Wheels. We need to fund the services our families with Alzheimer's are going to need, like meals and education. 

    Only 45% of people with Alzheimer's are told about their condition. Here is the importance of training physicians and giving them the tools they need to be able to have these conversations with people.

    We know science is saying that diet, exercise, staying active, staying with people, those things can really make a positive impact. And dementia can be caused by heart disease, diabetes, isolation, depression. So anything that combats that, which isn't complicated but takes some work, like to exercise and stay social.