What if I fear that I will die before my kids grow up?

What if I fear that I will die before my kids grow up?
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  • Anonymous User
    July 14th, 2020

    When my kids were smaller, I would write letters to them once a year. I found that process to be quite freeing, to know that I was able to just say, "Here's what I'm thinking right now, about you and your life, and good luck and goodbye.” I didn’t have to worry about not being able to say goodbye. It’s time to write new letters to them, and to my grandchildren.

    Say goodbye to the people you love, because that's all you can do. We cannot control what happens. We can't control when we die. It’s better to turn our mind toward what we can do.

  • Michelle Pante
    Michelle Pante
    September 18th, 2020

    One way to cope with this fear is to write your kids a Legacy Love Letter™. Write the letter as if you were going to die tomorrow, and it’s the last communication your child will ever receive from you. Thinking of your letter in this way will support you to share what matters most.

    You may choose to leave this letter with your important papers or give it to your child anytime after it’s crafted. Regardless of when you choose to share it, the letter will be much more than a source of comfort for your child. Writing your letter will shift something inside you and your relationship with your child in the here and now. Promise.

    You can write a Legacy Love Letter™ in five-minutes. Remember that something is better than nothing and you can always go back and revise or write more letters over time.

    1. Choose the recipient of your letter.

    2. Begin with Dear “name” and write as if you're speaking directly to them.

    3. Set a timer to five minutes.

    4. Complete some or all of these phrases with as many words as you need, and with what comes freely to your mind.

    Thank you for ...

    What I love / appreciate about you is …

    The ways you enhance my life include ...

    I forgive you for …

    Please forgive me for …

    My hopes and dreams for you are ……

    5. Put your letter with your important papers.