Give This Mindful Gift to Mom

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If you have a mother figure in your life, invite her to join you for a guided Roundglass live meditation.
Give This Mindful Gift to Mom

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration for many people, but for some it’s a time of remembrance, a time of loss, or maybe a time of yearning. So, whether you are celebrating with the mother figure in your life, honoring her at a distance, remembering her, working through your grief, or grappling with complicated feelings around what motherhood really means, meditation can be a helpful way to honor all of those emotions. 

Share a live session with mom.

This week at Roundglass, we're honoring motherhood in all its forms.  If you have a mother figure in your life, invite her to join you for a guided Roundglass live meditation with one of our expert meditation teachers. Check out the lineup below and register for the ones that resonate with you. You can join them online, or on the free Roundglass App and take the gift of mindfulness with you anywhere. 

Cultivating Gratitude for Mothers

When: Monday, May 3 at 6pm PST

It can be easy to take moms for granted. Join Sarah Blackburn for this live meditation to reflect and express deep gratitude for your mother, or the mother figures in your life. Register for Sarah’s live guided meditation.

Mothering Your Inner Child

When: Tuesday, May 4 at 6pm PST

Connect with your inner child in this meditation to nourish, nurture, and heal the childlike parts of your spirit. In this live session, Almeiri Santos creates a safe space for gentle awareness and deep connection. Register for Almeiri’s live guided meditation.

Mothering the Mother

When: Wednesday, May 5 at 6pm PST

Reflect on the tender care and nurturing you so freely give to others, and learn how to adapt these qualities inward, too. Lisa Kring leads this live meditation to cultivate an “inner mother” for an experience of self-nurturing. Register for Lisa’s live guided meditation.

Navigating Mother’s Day Grief

When: Thursday, May 6 at 6pm PST

As Mother's Day approaches, it can bring up feelings of deep loss, grief, and sadness for many reasons. Join Miriam Parker live to create an inner refuge of healing strength and self-love. Register for Miriam’s live guided meditation.

Honoring Mother Earth

When: Friday, May 7 at 6pm PST

You are nurtured not only by the people in your life, but also by the Earth itself. Join Tatum Barnes live to slow down, open up, and give yourself permission to be mothered by the Earth. Register for Tatum’s live guided meditation.

Loving Kindness for Mothers

When: Saturday, May 8 at 11am PST

Tame critical inner voices and discover love and support from within. Experience what it’s like to release judgment and access the liberating power of loving awareness as a gift to yourself this Mother’s Day. Attend this wonderful live session with Lisa Kring. Register for Lisa’s live guided meditation.

Celebrating the Joy of Motherhood

When: Sunday, May 9 at 11am PST

Take a moment to reflect on the powerful journey of motherhood. Almeiri Santos leads this live Mother's Day meditation exploring the experience of mothering from a place of sincerity, openness, and joy. Register for Almeiri’s live guided meditation.

There are a number of meditations at Roundglass that celebrate the gifts and sacrifices of parenting, and you have the luxury of finding the best fit for the mom(s) in your life. Start today by sharing these mindful gratitude practices with the moms in your life. 

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