Bowing Circle

5 min Kids Activity Meditation & Mindfulness
Bowing Circle

This fun game is a bit like doing the Wave at a sports event. Only in this version, you will bow to one another, passing the movement around in a circle. Based on a popular theater game, this makes a great icebreaker because it helps kids tune into other group members without using words. Try it whenever you want to foster team spirit and increase feelings of connection.

Step 1

Have the group stand or sit in a circle.

Step 2

Choose two people to start the bow. Have them face each other, put their hands together in front of their hearts, and bow to each other in sync.

Step 3

Tell the person on the left to turn to the person on their left. They will then bow to each other to pass the bow clockwise.

Step 4

Continue sending the bow around the circle in this way, staying silent and in sync.

Advanced Move

Any person receiving a bow can choose to pass the bow as described above or to bow with the same person again to switch directions. This makes it even more critical to pay attention to their neighbors’ cues to stay in sync. Anyone can change directions at any time!