Nine Acres

APR/Copper Canyon (2011)
Nine Acres

In the tradition of Virgil’s Georgics, this is an interwoven collection of poems about, yes, agriculture. There are poems entitled “Drainage,” “Water Supply,” “Fruit Tree Pruning,” “Frost Damage Prevention,” “Bees,” and “Compost.” But even for readers who don’t have a lot of interest in farming, what carries you along is Nathaniel Perry’s earthy lyricism. As you spend time with Nine Acres you become more attuned to the seasons, more aware of how all living things on our planet are connected, and more grateful for the edible gifts that we receive from the field. Growing food, it turns out, is a sacrament — and a form of meditation, too, nudging us to pay attention to forces both seen and invisible. As Perry writes, “We’re shaking seeds into their furrows / and wonder how they stay asleep / for years.” 

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The Benefits

This book will help you:

  • Become more attuned to seasons
  • Raise awareness of how life is interconnected
  • Be more grateful for nature's gifts