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The Call for Wholistic Wellbeing

Absenteeism, attrition, stress, and burnout attributed to poor mental health costs firms $14 billion annually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Roundglass Living

What is Roundglass Living?

Roundglass Living is a digital Wholistic Wellbeing solution that empowers people to prioritize their wellbeing.

It’s the only app that gives you a personalized daily wellbeing feed with research-backed practices, like breathwork, meditation and mindfulness, yoga, healthy recipes and cooking lessons, music, and sleep stories.

Roundglass Living provides you with tools, tips, and techniques to transform your life one day at a time.

How does Roundglass Living benefit employees?

The Roundglass Living app empowers employees to thrive professionally and personally by providing daily support to sleep better, cope with stress, strengthen relationships, move mindfully, and much more.

Imagine every employee armed with a wellbeing tool kit full of science-backed tools, like breathwork, meditation and mindfulness, yoga, healthy recipes and cooking lessons, yoga, music, and sleep stories.

How can employees access Roundglass Living’s wellbeing solutions?

It’s easy! All they have to do is download the Roundglass Living app for Android and IOS by scanning the QR code provided for their organization. The Roundglass Living app is also available in the App Store and Play Store

Why is the Roundglass Living solution app-based rather than in-person?

We believe that a digital solution increases accessibility, convenience, scalability, and personalization. It allows us to seamlessly integrate all aspects of wellbeing—including mental wellbeing, physical health, nutrition, and mindfulness practices—into one tool kit that employees can access anytime and anywhere.

Do you provide expert-led wellbeing sessions at office premises or online only?

Our expert-led sessions all take place virtually, allowing employees to join from anywhere and to connect with experts from around the world.

How will you generate interest to promote adoption and keep employees engaged?

We offer comprehensive, ongoing client management services. A dedicated account manager is assigned to every client, serving as the single point of contact for all your needs.

What types of reports or analysis do you provide to organizations?

We provide monthly engagement reports that will illustrate wellbeing trends at an organizational level.

How can I participate in SHRM’s wellbeing challenges?

Download the Roundglass Living app and tap on the challenge to join.

Want to run a Wholistic Wellbeing challenge for your organization? Email us at to schedule a demo.

I’ve downloaded the app. Why don't I see the challenge on my home screen?

If you don't see a challenge in the app, follow these steps to join manually.

  1. Open the Roundglass Living app.
  2. Tap Me at the bottom-right corner of the home screen.
  3. Tap the Settings icon at the top right corner.
  4. Select Redeem Code.
  5. Enter the invite code RGSHRM to join the challenge.

Still having trouble getting started? Email

How can I run Wholistic Wellbeing challenges at my organization?

Email us at to schedule a demo of the app, including Wholistic Wellbeing challenges.